Thursday, November 10, 2011

NUMBER 42: If God does exist, when came lonliness?

I have so many questions pertaining to the human condition and life in general. The first questions I think would deal with a relative of LONELINESS.

I'm not certain that I approach philosophical questions in the best way. In fact 'THE JOURNEY TO UNDERSTANDING' may be the totality of your pleasures throughout your quest. Perhaps it is best that we do not have the capacity to understand the metaphysical part of life until we've at least learned to respect the physicality of the material world.

I actually struggle daily with my belief in GOD. I have so many questions that in my opinion 'action or inaction' on the part of an all powerful GOD would be an act of cruelty.

I have a great desire to believe in an all powerful GOD, not a preacher man nor some self proclaiming wholly man, but a real GOD that could make living a pleasurable experience even if it is short lived.

It seems to me that an ALL POWERFUL GOD could cook up a potion of unconditional love and scatter it throughout the cosmos, then, HE could eradicate LONELINESS just long enough to remind us of the joy of love and the pain of loneliness.

I do, from time to time, experience great joy, but I also experience much too often the devastating pain of loneliness.

I wonder if there is in fact a creator, higher power or GOD, and if so I wonder if he has experienced LONELINESS. And, if HE has experienced loneliness do you think it rose to a level of great despair? If so, what loving reason or logic would you think would cause Him to afflict us with loneliness?

I think it unconscionable for a loving GOD to standby and watch HIS living creatures suffer in much despair. I know that there are many people in this world uncaring and even sadistic enough to enjoy participating in the pain and suffering of others but that does not justify a loving GOD to be equally sadistic. I do not believe that I could willingly cause pain, suffering and despair to befall any loving and peaceful person.

Perhaps the only 'GOD' is 'NATURAL LAW'. If this is the case' then we could stop claiming that GOD paid special favors to John or Rebecca or the Buddha. I believe that if there is a God He can only be impartial.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NUMBER 41: Getting back after my stroke.

This is my 65th birthday. I had a stroke August the 4th this summer. I was emotionally devastated wondering if I was going to lose my creative and intellectual abilities. I do not suggest that I possess any high degree of intellectual capacity but I do enjoy engaging in most important subject matters even if I know little on that topic. I hope I can at least learn something new.

This stroke has significantly impaired my ability to spell, and it takes me forever to write the things that I want to write about.

I will start writing again on a regular basis as I have much to write about. It will be slow however organizing my thoughts and checking my spelling.



Thursday, July 21, 2011

NUMBER 40: The Distruction of Art

Today, for no apparent reason, I've been thinking about the destruction of art.

I think, if my memory is right, when our troops invaded Bagdad during the Iraqi war the troops hooked a cable or chain around a large statue of Saddam Hussein and commenced to pull and break it down. One image in the news showed the head lying in the street severed from the body of the statue. To me it was a gut wrenching feeling watching them destroy a work of art.

I understand the rage against such a tyrant, a despot, and the urge to eradicate every image or memory of his presence in the world, but I also understand, or at least believe that that was not merely a statue of Hussein, it was a part of the history of Iraq, it was the hard work of a man, a sculptor. The sculptor himself may have been an enemy of Hussein and in spite of his connection to Hussein I feel confident that the sculptor also felt a somewhat gut wrenching feeling as he watched them topple the statue off its pedestal and drag it through the streets.

Most people have seen many fragmented pieces of statues from ancient times in museums, and thought them awesome, but what if you could see the statue in its original state, when the sculptors finished them? I think it would speak volumes to the artistry of man.

Some of these statues were destroyed by wars, some by earthquakes and then by just plain old vandalism. Some people to this day have this propensity to vandalize art. I don't understand this kind of mentality except that they must, within their hearts, be the worst kind of censor. I'm sure that part of it is brought about by pure envy.

Censorship is the root to despotism. Censors wish to destroy your right to free press, free speech and freedom of expression in any form if they don't like or approve of your expressions. These are the most dangerous citizens in any society that is trying to secure freedom.

Isn't it sad that right here in the United States we have to fight for our freedoms daily within our families, our workplaces, our townships, our counties and our states and at the federal levels also?

Just think for a moment, the artists are the ones most often bombarded by the censors. Censorship stands up against speakers, painters, sculptors, writers, movie producers, musicians and dancers,and even the poets.

We might be surprised in the future, for they might figure out a way to censor other ways of life such as cooking, bowling, playing baseball or football and all sorts of non-controversial activities. That may sound like a stretch but be careful who you offer that beer or glass of wine to, for the spirit of prohibition is still alive today. Fanatics will try to rid society of anything they do not approve of. Censorship most often evolves out of what some people consider a "SIN" thing.

We don't like to think of it but most families occasionally have a few of these censors over for diner. Some may be your favorite aunt or uncle, or a favorite cousin or maybe your own children or mother and dad. Lets not forget our brothers or sisters or it could be your spouse, but not mine, ha!

Now I'm not talking about my family @*$(#!. Let me make myself clear, I'm talking about your families. Always be careful what you do or say around people. It could turn around and bite you in the rear end.

Remember that censorship can be a verbal attack from your loved ones.

One last thing about the destruction of art is that I wish troops would not destroy the art of the people we go to war with. I'm not judging them but I wish they would not destroy the art of our adversaries.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Number 39 :The pygmalion Syndrone

I do not think that I am afflicted with Pygmalionism but I do love to sculpt the beautiful, fascinating female form and I have, after sculpting them, breathed into their mouths just in case God might pass His power on to me. Most people that believe in a God might believe that He can do anything He wishes, so what is wrong with me wishing He might give me that power?!!
No, I do not believe He will ever bestow that kind of awesome power to me or any other sculptor, but it would really be fantastic, and you know it.

I just wonder how many other sculptors out there, and throughout history have breathed into the mouths or over their sculptures with that hope in mind. I do love the fantastic story of Pygmalion sculpting his ideal woman and praying to Aphrodite to give her life, and I believe that most artists have read the story and can truly relate to it. Perhaps we just need to sculpt that one master piece in ivory.

I think it sad, yet probably best, that our creative powers are limited only to physical form. I am, however, so very happy that I am one of the few that has been given the talent to sculpt a good likeness of my subject.

I do not believe that man was created by God by forming Adam from the dust of the earth and then breathing into his nostrils the breath of life. I cannot fathom in any way, shape, form nor fashion how our creator created life but I do not believe the biblical account.

Life, to me, is the great mystery and I think it has always been, and, because man has the ability to sculpt the human form I think he also, at times, tried to breath life into his sculptures, thus evolved the story of the creation of Adam.

The ability to sculpt the likeness of someone or something, or to create unique shapes and forms is a unique ability of man but it is not much of a mystery to me. To me there is more mystery in that the vast majority of people cannot sculpt the likeness of others in clay. All it is is to add and subtract.

There are many unfortunate people that have certain disabilities that prevent them from sculpting at this level, but there are those with such disabilities that possess an extraordinary capacity to do so. So, you tell me, wherein does it lie, in the genes, in the spirit or just plain old desire to form that which captivates your mind?

I do love to sculpt the human form, especially the beautiful female form, and, I have breathed into their mouths. I don't believe that they will ever come to life but does my baptizing them in my breath bestow upon them a greater closeness to their maker? If you believe in the Eucharist then don't rush to judgment. You might even ask yourselves, 'Is there any validity to any Consecration'?

I do consecrate my figurative pieces by breathing into their mouths or baptizing them with my breath. They are, after all, my creations.

I do not think myself to be afflicted with Pygmalionism, but I do definitely relate to his story.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

NUMBER 36: Shallow thinking / Deep thinking

I just made a comment, a day or so ago, on my facebook that I had a hunger to talk with others about the meaningful things of life, and I said that I wondered if I was more shallow than I thought I was.

Well, I got a few responses and was glad that they responded. I hope that they did not think that I was making an attack on being shallow because I do believe that we need to be shallow at times. The pendulum does swing in all of us. I know that I am shallow at times and sometimes it is appropriate and maybe a little entertaining if intended to be, but most of the time shallow thinking inevitably leaves a mark right on your forehead. We all probably know that our reputations usually precede us, so, do we really want to be known as being shallow?

I am shallow enough without trying to be shallow. The times I try to be shallow I usually look stupid, somewhat like a non comedian trying to tell a joke to a group and everybody is laughing at the joke teller but not at the joke. I admit that being shallow is sometimes cute, and also poorly telling a joke is sometimes cute, but I tend to feel more compassion for these shallow thinkers and poor joke tellers.

I do not like coming across as being shallow but I sometimes do, and I wish I was a good comedian, but a good comedian I am not. Most of the time I try not to be shallow, and when I tell a joke I try my best to tell it funny.

It is a goal of mine to become less shallow and become more funny because, perhaps in my shallow way of thinking, I think I might become a more well rounded individual.

My whole point in this little blog is to point out that we love pleasurable things and moments so much that we tend to get wrapped up in, or swooned by all the lullabies. Just sing us one more lullaby, they keep me so comfortable.

I do not believe that we should live every moment of our days in a somber or serious manner, but, do you think that we could improve the lives of ourselves or others if we engaged one another in a little more serious dialogue concerning the human conditions?

If a little more serious dialogue could bring about just 1% more relief to the world problems would it be worth it? If this dialogue could bring people closer together, if it could dismantle some of the high walls of ignorance, if dialogue could reduce piety and judgmental attitudes do you think our investment would have been well spent?

There is much pain and suffering throughout the world and I know that it seems hopeless that each of us can have a real impact on their relief but is it worth a little serious dialogue in hopes that it might urge you and I to act in a positive way to help those in need, or, is a little serious dialogue too uncomfortable for us? Are our comfort zones kept more secure by just listening to all the lullabies? Perhaps, they help us to more easily fall asleep?

The Dalai Lama spoke at the University of Arkansas at Fayettville recently and stated that "this aught to be the century of dialogue". That is such a true statement. I think he meant that the whole of societies should embrace and engage in peaceful dialogue, not just our leaders.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Number 35: The myth about college

I just heard on the national news that among the top 25 competitive countries throughout the world we Americans rank 17th in education.

The report was meant to be a wake up call that the US needs to get on the stick if we don't want to be at the bottom of this list in the not-to-near future.

They did not address the issue concerning the high cost of this education here in the US. I also heard a report that the younger generation is trying to justify the debt that will burden them for many years against the weak job market that might not provide adequate income to pay off that huge debt within a reasonable time.

I wonder how our education compares in costs to students in other countries, and I wonder if the prospect of being burdened by this educational debt is much greater here as compared to those other countries.

I do believe that education is very important, not just to the students but for the country as well, but it seems that a greater number of students must carry the vast majority of the financial burden in order to obtain this higher learning. If our country needs a higher level of educated workforce then should the country not invest at least as much as the student?

If we take a good look at the high dollar schools it seems to me that they spend a dis-proportionate amount of their revenues on sports. Perhaps the very people that are charged with the responsibility of trying to educate these young students have their greater focus on the athletic departments.

I think that the institutions of higher learning are more concerned with generating revenues that will produce greater salaries for the professors and the top powers -that- be in the institution. The students education is secondary. If you don't think I'm right just ask some students. Some professors have an attitude that if the student has a difficult time keeping up, that's just tough shit. To me this kind of attitude is callous and counter productive to education.

These educational institutions should provide remedial assistance to the students having difficulties in some of their courses. They provide this kind of assistance to the team athletes in order to keep their grades high enough to keep playing ball.

These institutions also seem to be led by Olympian Gods as it is obvious that they continue to spend tremendous amounts of money in efforts to impress the world. I truly doubt that an intelligent student cannot learn below the clouds, and, the schools that look like they are erected on Mount Olympus are truly erected on regular dirt. Are these fabulous looking schools as interested in elevating education as they are at elevating egos?

It seems to me that colleges and universities are more about image and money than educating students.

When I was released from the Air Force I applied for my GI educational benefits and started taking classes at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I flunked out on most of my classes and wasted most of my time and opportunity to get an education. I know that I am not the only student that was not college material, and I see it going on 40 years later.

I do believe that education should be paid by the public because it is the educated people that tend to improve everyone's way of life, I just don't think that the educational institutions focus as much on educating students as they do on image and making money to pay for high salaries and building beautiful buildings.

Students should be subjected to a more thorough screening system before receiving public funds to pay for their college education, and those that pay as they go for their education should be reimbursed for their costs when they successfully complete their courses.

The cost of education is a huge part of the reason that we rank 17th out of the top 25 countries in this report. Our students could perform at a much higher level of achievement if they did not have to worry about the high cost associated with their educational endeavors.

I support total government paid education for students that show that they can excel at levels of average and above in college level courses.


Monday, April 11, 2011


How do you define or perceive what constitutes a bully? We see and hear all the time how bullies are quite often creating havoc for young students, and even creating much havoc in the adult world.

The biggest bully of all time is to me a fictitious bully, however most people live in fear of him. His name is Satan or the Devil or the Evil One.

The biblical story, in the book of Job, is an incredible 'Bully story' that most Christians are aware of but really have not given it much serious thought. I personally can't fathom a loving god deciding to create such a wicked and evil figure with Supper Natural Powers to be loosed into the world unleashed and unmuzzled to prey upon us weak and unwise little people to be led like little sheep down the road to damnation and burn for eternity. Oh yes, I know we have free will to turn from him and do the right thing, but just one slip in the wide path to hell and our failure to repent of every sin before we die we will burn forever in torment. This is the wages of sin.

In the book of Job in the bible it is said that Job was a perfect man. Now Jesus claimed that not even He was good, that only our Father in heaven was good. But getting back to the story of Job we read that he loved God and was a friend of God. Job worshiped God.

I do have some good friends but I have never suspected any of them worshiping me. If they did I would diligently try to get them some good counseling. The point I want to make here is that if any of my friends was being bullied I would eradicate the bully. I would not stand by and allow this bully to have his way with any of my friends.

I've read the story of Job and I am aware that as told, after Job suffered at the peril of Satan and lost his family and all of his wealth God restored to Job more than he had before his ordeal with Satan. Do you think that the loss of your wife and your children could ever be replaced? I believe that I could deal with the loss of my wealth but for the one friend who allowed a bully to heap much suffering on me and allowing this bully to take away my loved ones, I doubt that I would ever regain any feelings of admiration for him, especially if this friend had the power to prevent the whole ordeal.

That story to me seems to portray God as a sadistic God taking pleasure in showing Satan how great the love was that Job had for Him. How egotistical do we think God could be?

If God does truly exist I don't want to be one perpetuating images of Him as being a Super Bully that needs us to worship Him or He's going to wreak havoc on us.

We all need to stand up to bullying.